Can I apply for insurance in Hong Kong?

Yes, you can! Any person with a legal identification can apply for insurance in Hong Kong.

What kind of insurance should I buy?

Personal insurance including life, health, accident, saving, Investment-Linked Assurance Scheme (ILAS), etc. Free personal need assessment is recommended before making decision.

How to purchase insurance in Hong Kong?

You must come to Hong Kong to sign the contract, further consultation is recommended. Talk to our professional planners for free now.

My baby is only 3 months old. She is not suitable to travel, what should I do?

Your baby do not need to come to Hong Kong, parents have the insurable interest and can sign the contract as policy owner for the insured baby.

After signing the contract, what’s next?

Underwriting department will investigate application. If the process is smooth, policy should be issued within a few weeks. It can be mailed to you so you do not need to come to Hong Kong for it.
Protection will be effective then, depending on what type of insurance you applied. For example, standard policy wordings of critical illness insurance includes a 90-day elimination period before effective.

I had a minor surgery years ago, can I apply for medical insurance?

The underwriting of a policy depends on the specific health condition on each case. Generally speaking, you must report your full medical history and your current health condition. Body checkup may be requested by the insurer.

Would it be difficult for me to claim back my money because of my nationality?

No. Claims are based on your policy and the evidence, like medical reports, you provided, but not your nationality. There will be no bias judgment.

Would it be very inconvenient to travel back and forth just to file claims and manage my account?

No. You can mail the original document to your personal agent who will then file the claim for you. For simple claims, you do not even need to come to Hong Kong personally. Even if you are request to come for critical illness and life claims, the process is simple, therefore it will not cause a big trouble.

Do I need to visit the doctors in Hong Kong when I am sick?

You can choose to visit registered doctors in Hong Kong or other cities worldwide. Most medical insurance policies in Hong Kong have a worldwide coverage.

Why do I need critical illness insurance if I already have other medical insurance, including hospitalization?

During crisis of critical illnesses, you may not be able to continue working in your current position, you may need to take a longer time off work to recover from illness. Critical illness insurance does not only help you by covering medical expenses, but also your daily living expenses, like mortgage, rent, or loan repayment etc. You can ease your concern on shifting the whole weight onto your family’s shoulder during difficult time.