Well regarded as a hub of international business, trade and finance, Hong Kong is located at the centre of East Asia with a huge support from our motherland. Hong Kong enjoys a series of privileges as a world-class metropolis shown as follows:

Freedom of Entry and Departure

More than 140 countries and territories have granted visa-free access to HKSAR passport holders(1). Being a permanent resident of HKSAR, you can also enjoy permanent right of abode in Mainland China.
(1) Source: Immigration Department, the Government of HKSAR (as of 16 August 2013)

Freedom of Capital Flow

No foreign exchange control(2) is imposed in Hong Kong. You can allocate assets to Hong Kong and overseas and invest globally freely.
(2) Source: Website of Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Quality Education

Hong Kong schools undertake teaching in bi-literacy and tri-lingualism, allowing students to benefit from an international learning environment. For tertiary education, Hong Kong has well-established and internationally well-recognised institutions such as the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Advanced Medical Technology

Hong Kong is a centre of modern traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Hong Kong has won high acclaim for its quality medical services, professional medical workers and advanced medical equipments.

Unrestricted Population Policy

Limit on births has never been implemented in Hong Kong. Local residents have freedom in birth planning, and enjoy world-class medical services in respect of child birth.

Tax Concession Schemes No International Tax

Boasting low tax rates, Hong Kong has implemented a simple taxation regime and has a system of tax allowances. Above all, Hong Kong adopts a territorial source principle of taxation, where only profits which are sourced in Hong Kong are taxable. Broadly speaking, tax is not imposed over any incomes derived outside of and not sourced from Hong Kong. Thus, it leads to a lesser tax burden.

World-class Metropolis

Hong Kong boasts excellent and comprehensive lifestyle facilities and services. It has efficient and convenient local and regional transport, world-class Hong Kong International Airport, and an advanced communication network. Hong Kong residents enjoy a convenient life.

During application, Chinese residents with non-permanent Hong Kong identity cards can enjoy the e-Channel service when entering and leaving Hong Kong. Aside from convenient entry and departure across Hong Kong, it embodies an privileged identity. Most importantly, it increases the possibility in acquiring a privileged identity, an extra tier of protection, and a better living style for the next generation.