1. 12 Passport Photographs (6 of 1 inch and 2 of 2 inches)*
  2. Passport (with expiry date not within the coming 12 months) (all pages)*
  3. Identity Card*
  4. Certificate of Marriage and Notary (if applicable)
  5. Certificate of No Criminal Conviction* (both the applicant and the dependents over 16 years old)
  6. Birth Certificate and Notary*
  7. Family Detail Form
  8. Certificate of Educational Attainment and Professional/Technical Qualifications (if applicable)
  9. Employment Letter with Salary Record for Five Years.
  10. Copies of Supporting Documents for your Personal Net Assets in the Two Years Preceding the Application (Over 10 Million):
    Bank Deposits including “Savings Account”; “Current Account” and “Time/Fixed Deposit”; and/or
    Real Estate owned by the Applicant:
    – Valuation Report
    – Land/Property Ownership Prove; and/or
    Company Assets:
    – Business Registration
    – Member of Shareholder
    – Audit Report
    – Financial Report (for two years)
    – Prove of Tax Statement (for two years)
    Other assets (e.g. stocks or equities or debt securities) and/or
  1. Copies of Supporting Documents for Your Existing Investment in Financial Assets (f Applicable), including all the Equities; Debt Securities; Certificates of Deposits; Subordinated Debt and others.

*Those document to be provided by both the applicant and the dependents