In general:

  • Applicant should provide relevant documents to apply for permanent resident status in a foreign country; China passport and passport photos.
  • Submit all the relevant documents, together with the notary certificate and supporting documents of your assets, to the Immigration Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government for verification.
  • Should all documents submitted are in compliance with the requirements the applicant will be allocated a file number. After submitting the report prepared by a certified public accountant (practicing), approval-in-principal will be granted in 4 to 6 months.
  • Applicant and the dependents can obtain a 3-month visa or an entry permit by the Immigration Department.
  • Investing in Hong Kong with a sum of HK$ 10 million and the applicant is required to provide the Immigration Department with supporting documents to prove that the requisite level of investment has been made.
  • Upon issuance of formal approval, permission to stay in Hong Kong for two years will be granted.
  • Applicant is at the same time eligible to apply for the Hong Kong Identity Card.
  • After residing in Hong Kong for 7 consecutive years and successfully applied for the right of abode, applicant can by then apply for the Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card and the Hong Kong SAR passport.

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